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29.04.2020 | Webinar

Norte Capital launched roundtable discussion about “Post-crisis period for business”

Today, several global events are taking place all over the world, creating serious consequences for absolutely different areas of the world economy. What is happening has not ignored the economy that was most affected by the rapid fall in oil prices and changes in the national currency. The consequences are also inevitably amplified by the introduction of strict quarantine measures in the largest cities of the country. Numerous experts predict that this economy will unavoidably face a recession and a budget deficit.
Our invited experts, prominent representatives of the international business community, shared their opinion on several core questions.

Discussion topics

  • Scenarios of economic development.
  • Business and government relationships in the post-crisis period: trust vs antagonism.
  • The industries most affected by market changes.
  • Professional services market: posttraumatic syndrome.
  • Lessons from the crisis: economics, politics, business.


  • Grigory Dudarev | Managing Partner, Norte Capital
  • Olli Pohjanvirta | Chairman of the Board, Nurminen Logistics Oyj
  • Vladislav Zabrodin | Managing Partner, CLS
  • Vladimir Miklashevsky | Chairman of the Board.

If you could not attend our webinar, you can watch the full video here: