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Market entry & Market exit

New horizons

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Today’s economic climate is about uncertainty and instability and it is of high importаnce to be armed with the relevant information in time.
Whether you want to explore market opportunities or you are thinking about leaving the market, Norte Capital will become a perfect guide for your business which will navigate you through all the market’s specifics.

Market Entry

Market Entry Services

Market Intelligence

Market Entry Strategy

Business Development Advice

Market Exit

Try new business vector

Due to all economic consequences, it could be challenging to find the right direction for your business development.
In case your company lost its vector, bears any financial difficulties and considers other opportunities for the future evolution Norte Capital is ready to provide grounded due dilligence and advisory services to have business effectiveness back.

Market Exit Services

Business exit strategy

Selling the business and/or its assets

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About Norte Capital

Norte Capital is a leading investment banking boutique providing services in the field of mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and strategic consulting.
Norte Capital occupies a leading position in a segment of mergers and acquisitions with the participation of the largest Finnish and Scandinavian companies. For more than 25 years, the company’s partners have successfully completed over 100 transactions in various industries. During the same period, more than 700 multi-scale strategic and consulting projects were realised.
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Few more reasons to go with us

Access to a wide network of local and international players.

Deep understanding of the business environment.

Awareness of various industries’ insights due to significant expertise.

Accumulated experience with cross-border transactions.

Approach to project execution that is centered on value creation for our customers.